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Armogruntovye system "Slavros".

In order to reduce the right of way for the construction of embankments in cramped conditions (presence of buildings, communications, roads) is necessary to the construct

"Slavros" - at the service of the Russian roads

The Russian market is very necessary and required in the construction of geosynthetics continues to develop. By careful study of market trends, needs, road maintenance, a

Materials "Slavros" for the roads of the Far East

Currently, the Far East, one of the priorities is to support the development of the transport network. The sad fact is that in the Far East, there are still difficult to

"Slavros": a solid foundation railways

Roads of the transition to innovative development provided by large-scale use of new efficient technologies and materials in order to increase the reliability and service
Our development - the development of our customers, who become partners and friends!

The company "NPK Slavros" in the market of innovative materials since 2001. During this time the established high-tech production of a wide range of new kachstvenno for Russian specialized materials produced by recycling of plastics raw materials of polypropylene and polyethylene.

Over the years, gained significant experience in the application of geosynthetics in difficult conditions with the development of technical solutions and performing calculations. The solution to these problems is engaged in high-tech engineering department.

The main production facilities are located in the city of Rostov, Yaroslavl region - enterprise "AWACS" helper - in Pereslavl same area (OOO "PROTECT"). Consistent quality of production confirmed by certification in 2009 for compliance with the quality management system according to international standard ISO 9001:2008. (Certification Body - The United Kingdom Accreditation Service, UK).

On the premises on which the landfill is practiced and tested in a variety of technical solutions. Modern high-quality geomaterials perform the following functions: filtration, drainage, separation, reinforcement, insulation. Properly selecting geosynthetics can solve many problems in the complex conditions of the building, such as a weak base erosion, increase the modulus of elasticity of the pavement (strengthening earthlings road surface) with a decrease in the volume of inert materials (sand, crushed stone, sand and gravel) and a reduction in the timing and cost of construction, waterproofing, drainage of water from buildings and others.

Dear visitors, our company offers you a modern geosynthetics - class building materials. Our products are based on a synthetic, mineral, glass or bazaltovolokonnom raw materials and meets all the requirements of modern standards.

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