Slavros Group of Companies

The core business of Slavros Geosintetika is manufacture of:

  • Biaxial geomesh
  • Monoaxial geomesh
  • 3D geomesh
  • Geomembrane
  • Drainage geocomposite
  • Geotextile

Use of our materials in the road, railway, oil & gas, and agricultural industries has enabled our customers to improve quality and durability of roads and other structures. All of our products are supported by required permits and technical documentation issued by leading industry institutes and licensed laboratories, including ROSDORNII (State Scientific Research Institute of Road Industry).

The main strengths of Slavros are the following:

  • Manufacturing facilities in ownership
  • Wide range of works and services
  • An individual approach to the needs of each customer
  • Rapid execution of orders
  • Full package of logistics services
  • Technical support at all stages of design and construction

Slavros materials and technologies offer high quality, low costs, reliability, and consideration for the environment. They significantly reduce construction schedules with minimum impact on the environment and on ecosystems.