Protection of polyethylene pipe insulation geogrid "Slavros D10"

Method ballast piping mineral soil, backfill using geotextile "Slavros"

Protection of pipelines using geogrid "Slavros GR"

Oil and gas construction

Geosynthetics mark "Slavros" can be used in the oil and gas industry in the construction of highways (time, technology and continuous), pipelines for underground and above-ground pad (for slope stabilization in the place of installation of support structures), ballasting pipelines in flooded areas with soil backfill, anti-corrosion protection of insulation from destruction when exposed to the rocky soil, solid waste management in the field of builders cities towns pumping and compressor stations, and other measures to protect the environment.

The main hydrocarbon reserves in the country regoinah developed in Western and Eastern Siberia, dominated by moorland and eternally frozen ground.

Companies extractive industry leading production, have difficulty in building and ekspulatatsii roads, pipelines, platforms and infrastructure under the bushes skazhin.

Technical solutions using geosynthetics for reinforcement of roads, driveways and playgrounds provide more stable ground construction, with a significant reduction in the cost of repairs and the period of rainfall during field operation. Technical solutions with geosynthetic materials to protect pipelines are also cost-effective.