Construction of a closed lagoon using geomembranes of "Slavros"

Agriculture consructing

The use of geosynthetics from "Slavros" in the industrial complex is much more effective than the older technology. Cheaper reinforced concrete and steel silos at least 24 times. Can be combined in one structure functions of storage and disinfection; Lack of contaminated land next to the farm. A significant reduction in the duration of works on waterproofing.

The successful use of a covered structure eliminates the pollution of biogas and precipitation effect on the retreat. Geosynthetics also allows the replacement of obsolete, low-tech design of clay "lock" on the design of polymeric geomembranes, as well as increase the reliability of structures, by increasing the resistance to deformation of waterproofing and progress of the soil.

The use of geogrid biaxially mark "Slavros SD" in the construction of farm roads is practically the only solution to this problem. The materials are non-toxic, cheaper than standard designs, the service life of roads tripled.

Using a flow gereshetku "Slavros GR" is possible the building of driveways for technological needs with minimal cost and in the shortest possible time.

The use of geotextiles as well as in other industries are widely used because of the universal properties of the material.