Ballast layer of geogrid reinforcement "Slavros Railway-P"

The use of three-dimensional geogrid "Slavros GD-O"

Railway construction

The company "NPO Slavros" offers a wide range of geosynthetic materials for railway facilities.

The basis of the railway track - from the roadbed and its stability depends on the work structure as a whole. Element roadbed directly supports the load of the rolling stock, is the main area, which is often subject to deformations in the form of ballast troughs, lies, etc., accompanied by thinning of the clay soil with splashes of a sleeper or extruded mass of soil on the surface of the ballast.

Biaxially geogrid "Slavros Railway-P" in railway construction apply:

  • with insufficient bearing capacity of the subgrade main site, which is manifested in the form of splashes and subsidence;
  • in the recesses extending in the area of waterlogged soils;
  • in areas adjoining the roadbed to artificial structures.