Armogruntovye system "Slavros".

In order to reduce the right of way for the construction of embankments in cramped conditions (presence of buildings, communications, roads) is necessary to the construction of retaining walls. In recent years, along with the traditional designs of retaining walls of reinforced concrete, all the more widespread construction of reinforced soil, which is an artificial construction, made by layering the mound geosynthetic soil reinforcement materials, in particular - pultruded polyethylene geogrid "Slavros CO". Reinforced soil to some extent, similar to concrete, wherein in one case the armature is connected with the ground, in the other - with the concrete. However, comparison of these two media is not quite true as the reinforcement of reinforced concrete intended for sensing the tensile forces in the element structure and reinforced ground, in particular using unbound soil likely to be a field only compressive stresses. Consequently, the effect of reinforcement is unequal limiting normal deformation in different directions.

Materials "Slavros" for the roads of the Far East

Currently, the Far East, one of the priorities is to support the development of the transport network. The sad fact is that in the Far East, there are still difficult to transport over the territory. Therefore it is extremely important to the construction of modern, comfortable, efficient transportation routes for the socio-economic development and the normal life of the Far Eastern District. Deadlines and difficult climatic conditions of the Far East forced builders to apply innovative technologies and materials. Such materials include the full range of geosynthetic materials. High technology of geosynthetics can find a use for them in virtually all sectors of the economy.

"Slavros" - at the service of the Russian roads

The Russian market is very necessary and required in the construction of geosynthetics continues to develop. By careful study of market trends, needs, road maintenance, and the company is developing "Slavros" - the largest Russian manufacturer of geosynthetics. Along with the implementation of well-proven materials - biaxial geogrids "Slavros-SD", volume geogrids "Slavros-GR", uniaxial geogrids - "Slavros-CO", drainage composite "Slavros-drain", geomembranes, the company continues to expand its product line, and well as to develop innovative materials that can improve the quality of national roads.

"Slavros": a solid foundation railways

Roads of the transition to innovative development provided by large-scale use of new efficient technologies and materials in order to increase the reliability and service life of road construction, increasing the technical level and transportation and operational condition of railways, to reduce the cost of road works.