Technical solutions

Impervious screens

Today is a great danger to the environment are toxic substances that are formed during the decay of waste in landfills. Waterproofing geomembrane these structures is a basic requirement for their settlement. Geomembrane mark "Slavros" in the design of these screens provide a watertight structures and find their use not only at the sites of collection and storage of waste, but also in complex hydraulic structures with any head (dams, levees, basins, canals).

By design impervious screens on landfills can be:

  • unburied (one geomembrane layer without a protective layer);
  • monolayer (one layer and the protective layer geomembrane over it);
  • -layer (with two layers of geomembranes and drainage layer between them);
  • Combined (one geomembrane layer and an additional layer (or protective impervious).
  • Unburied impervious screens without the protective layer are carried out in places where there is no risk for damage geomembrane during its installation or operation. Area device unburied screens - decorative ponds, landfills storing liquid waste, manure storage, settling ponds.
  • Single-layer screens include the planned ground waste disposal site (natural geological barrier), a leveling layer of compacted sandy soil, a layer of geotextile mark "Slavros" to protect the geomembrane and slope protection, drainage geocomposite layer mark "Slavros-drain", geomembrane mark "Slavros" and sand and gravel, drainage and protective layers.

 If the composition of the underlying soil or the protective layer consists of sharp particles, it should be added to protect the geomembrane liners geotextile mark "Slavros" to avoid damaging it. Stacking panels of geotextile is no overlap welding. If necessary, removal of moisture on the bottom of the landfill arrange a drainage layer of geocomposite "Slavros-drain."